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bringing the deodorant of our ancestors, for:
a Healthy body
Empowered communities


a Cleaner Earth


A natural deodorant made of one ingredient only?

Crysteous is made of one natural ingredient only.

A Crystal.
This crystal is mined then turned into powder by hand with a recipe handed down by generations, for a convenient, pure and effective usage.

Sweating is natural, so are Crystals !

Crysteous is the deodorant nature intended,

it works in two ways:
1. Starves bacteria on your armpit, making for odorless sweat
2. Shrinks (not clogs) your pores, so you sweat less.


Crysteous is the deodorant of the conscious

Not only is Crysteous an effective, time-tested and organic deodorant, it is also the best solution for body odor if you're on a journey towards more conscious decisions.
One glass jar lasts one year.
Refills come in paper.


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