The deodorant nature intended.

For thousands of years, people have dealt with body odor the natural way.
Let's see why !

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Mind Blowing Features


Naturally Effective

A small pinch after shower, protects you for over 48h.

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1 Jar 1 Year

One jar lasts up to One year.

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For the whole family.

Heart Warming Benefits

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1 Natural Ingredient

A Crystal that has been used for Water cleansing, Energy healing and  Deodorant.

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Your money pays Real hands.


On a mission

Reduce Plastic
Provide Water
Empower Community.

The Natural Way

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Deeply Rooted

Mine, Transform, Use.That is how it has been done for millennia.


Nature Conscious

Our 3rd Value is Live by, with and like Nature.


Community Oriented

Instead of buying a product.

Enter a community of goal oriented people.

The Community Says

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...I’ve never put powder under my armpits before, but it was surprisingly refreshing....

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...I have applied it every two or three days (didn’t need more), it’s easy and quick (don’t need to wait for drying). It’s magic! No smells at all!! ...

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...I have to say ... my husband and I were very impressed after using this...

...I thought that it was so interesting that I was sweating everywhere else but under my arms. This product is the real deal!...

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...I really like how natural this is! A little goes a long way also...