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5 Ways Crystal Alum Has Been Used Throughout History

Are you looking for a natural deodorant?

Well, you should think of investing in crystal alum. This natural crystal is recommended not just for maintaining fresh body odour; rather, at the same time, it has been used to treat several medical health problems from ancient times.

Studies reveal that this crystal was discovered ages ago. Egyptians analyzed its amazing healing properties at the time of pharaohs.

Here we are going to throw some light on the historical usage of alum crystals that will help you know how amazing this substance has served several generations over the decades and is still a popular choice for a variety of needs:

1. Alum as a deodorant:

Crystal alum has been preferred as a deodorant in Southeast Asia and in Africa for thousands of years. However, the culture has widely grown among Western countries as well over the last 30 years. People prefer it more for its low cost, all-natural ingredients, and ability to reduce the risk of breast cancer. Experts recommend this natural deodorant as a safer alternative to other harmful chemical-rich deodorants that may affect the normal chemistry of your body.

2. Alum as an astringent:

Alum is widely used as an astringent to minimize the body fluid release as well as to shrink the tissues. It works as a styptic while contracting organic tissues so that bleeding and haemorrhage can be stopped immediately. This transparent crystal can soothe skin after hair removal and can also be applied while dressing wounds.

3. Alum as a medicine for skin diseases:

From ancient times, alum has been used to treat a variety of skin conditions. Experts reveal that it is the best natural remedy to treat cracked heels and can also deal with those annoying wrinkles. Among many other home cares to treat pimples, alum is the best choice to lower inflammation. Moreover, its cooling properties make it best face mask for the summer season. Alum can be used to prevent premature ageing as it helps to maintain delightful, radiant, and softer skin tone.

4. Alum as an energy healer:

You will be surprised to know that crystal alum is also used to rebalance the natural energies of the human body. This magical gem is widely used for crystal healing reiki practices, energy healing, spiritual art, chakra healing art, yoga art and is a widely recommended meditation tool.

5. Alum as a water purifier:

Alum has amazing abilities to conduct water therapy. Experts recommend using alum crystals to cleanse muddy water. To execute this treatment, all that you need to do is add one gram of alum powder into the muddy water, and you will soon see the muddy particles in the water settling down. You can take a small block of alum with you on the upcoming camping tour to prepare clean and clear water for drinking.

Now you have gone through several amazing benefits of alum crystals; it is time to start using this awesome natural substance for healthy routines.

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