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Deodorant problems that Crysteous (alum stone) solves

Deodorant is a highly essential everyday personal item. Pretty much everybody needs it. Whether you need to control the smell under your arms, to get rid of the bad foot scent or for female cleanliness, there are different factors to consider before buying any regular deodorant. For a considerable length of time, we've been cautioned about the danger of aluminium in antiperspirants but rarely anyone provided a solution. So, today we are here to tell you that these problems can be solved by crysteous. Keep on reading to find out all about it.

What is the difference between a regular deodorant and a crysteous?

Both regular deodorants and crysteous are used to deal with the body odours but there are some differences between the both of them. Regular deodorants are made of man-made chemicals while crysteous is made from the naturally occurring ingredient, potash alum and it is hence considered 100% safe. They both act on the perspiration glands of humans but have different impacts. Considering the health factors, many people believe crysteous to be a better alternative to regular deodorants. Let us know exactly why.

Problems caused by regular deodorants and their solution by crysteous

As they are made up of various chemicals, there are many problems associated with the regular deodorants which can be avoided with the usage of crysteous. Some of the most common problems of using regular deodorants are listed below:

· Harmful ingredients in deodorants: There are many questionable components in regular deodorants. On the other hand, you can use crysteous without any fear as it is made from one ingredient only, and that ingredient is found in nature.

· Stains and residue: There are several ingredients in the regular deodorants which can ruin your outfit by producing horrible stains on it whereas crysteous doesn’t affect your clothing in any way. Not only your clothing but it also doesn’t leave any residue on your skin either.

· Stink: When a regular Deodorant expires, it makes you smell awful because it mixes up with your sweat. But, you don’t have to worry when crysteous expires because your body will start gradually giving off it’s original smell.

· Environmental damage: Majority of the ingredients used in the regular deodorants result in deterioration of the environment in many ways, that is without mentioning that deodorant bottles are non-recyclable. The damage can be reduced by replacing regular deodorant with natural deodorants like crysteous.

· More economical: A single Jar of crysteous can last more than three bottles of regular deodorants. Hence, if you use the crysteous, it will be more economical to you.

· Fragrance: Pretty much every scented item has an artificial "aroma" or "fragrance" recorded among its ingredients. It can be any substance which can react with your skin adversely and can damage it as well. All these problems can be eliminated by using Crysteous.

Final words

Regular deodorants are extremely popular and almost everyone uses it on a daily basis without knowing the problems caused by it. Considering the problems caused by the regular deodorants, using the natural crysteous is a great alternative. It is a whole natural product and it doesn’t cause the problems your regular deodorants cause.

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