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Is crystal alum a safer alternative to regular deodorants?

Crystal alum can be turned into a natural deodorant that is made of a natural mineral salt called potash alum, which has been proved to have antibacterial properties as well. It has picked up fame in recent years because of its indicated health advantages.

That leads us to a pressing question, Is crystal alum a safer alternative to regular deodorants?

What is crystal alum?

Potash Alum is a characteristic mineral salt utilized as an option in contrast to the synthetic Aluminium Chloride and Chlorohydrate present in regular deodorants.

Its antibacterial properties have been praised in customary Chinese medication for a long time. It was and still is utilised as a skin astringent, to render wounds sterile, reduce skin break outs and tonsillitis and lastly as a toner to fix the enlarged pores.

Potash Alum contains enormous atoms that sit on the outside of the skin, making a boundary. Its alternative, Aluminium Chloride present in regular deodorants, contains smaller atoms than Potash Alum, implying that it is consumed by the skin and attaches to the perspiration organs like skin, opposing the release of undesirable chemicals in the body.

How it works?

It is a typical myth that sweat causes that terrible stinky smell but in reality, it is the underarm microscopic Bacteria that proliferate in humid and dark environments, releasing bad smells in the process.

When Crystal alum is applied on such surfaces, it forms a layer of salt rendering that environment inhabitable for smell causing bacteria.

Crystal alum also works as astringent on the pores, meaning that it will shrink them so they produce less sweat, this means that you will still sweat but you’ll be sweating a lot less , this process is different from regular deodorants that completely clog the pores for a certain period, leaving your body no solution to manage its toxic waste.

Benefits of Crystal Alum over Regular Deodorants

A great benefit of crystal alum, as we talked about above is that it does not hinder the elimination of toxic waste products from your body! It also eliminates the synthetic compounds that are found in traditional antiperspirant or regular deodorants. Using a regular deodorant or antiperspirant may restrain the discharge of toxins from your body.

Regular deodorants and antiperspirants may contain the accompanying synthetic compounds:

· parabens

· aluminum chlorohydrate

· aluminum zirconium

· Steareths

· Triclosan

· propylene glycol

· triethanolamine (TEA)

· Diethanolamine (DEA)

The above compounds have been linked to a variety of health issues. A point worthy noting here is that these harmful products are not present in crystal alum.

Hence it is highly important that you read the list of all ingredients in the regular deodorants and antiperspirants before buying regardless of whether they're marked as safe or not.

And, it is always better to opt for Crystal Alum as it is 100% natural.

Final words

Thus, we can safely conclude that Crystal alum is a safer alternative to regular deodorants because of its several health advantages. In addition to containing harmful chemicals, regular deodorants also clog the sweat pores which results in production of large amount toxins in human body whereas crystal alum allows the body to sweat toxins and prevents the undesirable body odor as well. It contains the one and only ingredient, potash alum, which is found in nature and therefore has no added chemicals.

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