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Sweating Is A Natural Problem, Fix It Naturally

Sweating is a natural process and has been there ever since the first man walked under the sun. We have around 2-4 million sweat glands which are secreting sweat continuously. You can use a regular(commercial) deodorant or a natural deodorant such as crystal alum to get rid of the unpleasant smell. But do you know which one should you prefer?

To understand that, first let us know why actually do we sweat.

Why Do You Sweat?

Sweating is a natural method of removing wastes from the body. Let me tell you that our bodies are sweating even now as we speak, more or less. Our brain always wants our body to be at a constant temperature so when surrounding air gets hotter, the brain signals our sweat glands to produce more and more sweat, which evaporate thereby cooling our bodies.

Now, sweat mainly contains salts. Microbes present on our body surface such as bacteria react with these salts and produce an unpleasant smell. So, it is not the sweat that smells bad, it is the microbes that make it smell bad.

We have always wanted to smell good and therefore, have developed various ways to keep ourselves from smelling. For centuries, we have been using crystal alum as a natural deodorant, but as science progressed we also developed many chemical alternatives like the regular deodorants.

How do Regular Deodorants Work?

A regular deodorant contains compounds of aluminum such as aluminum chlorohydrate and it works by clogging the pores through which sweat is supposed to come out. The aluminum compounds present in these deodorants react with the outer layer of our skin and block the sweating pores. Thus, they reduce sweating effectively.

But, you should know that this method of working comes with its own cons. By blocking the sweat from coming out of the body, these deodorants are actually preventing the removal of bodily wastes. This means they are actually killing the natural process of wastage removal, which in no way is beneficial for us.

However, a natural deodorant like crystal alum doesn’t affect the process of sweating in any way and let us see how.

How does Crystal Alum (Natural Deodorant) Work?

As already mentioned, crystal alum has been used as a natural deodorant for ages. A potassium crystal is a natural salt that works quite differently compared to the regular deodorants. Unlike regular deodorants, it forms a porous salt layer on the skin which stops the bacteria from multiplying and kills them. It also shrinks the size of sweat-pores to lessen sweating but it does not completely block them, in contrast to the chemical deodorants.

This makes it a better choice as it does not affect the natural process of sweating. The salt layer acts as a perfect shield which protects the skin from any bacterial attacks. Crystal alum has also been traditionally used to treat wounds as it is believed to have antibacterial properties.

This natural deodorant can be used by anyone and is completely free from synthetic chemicals. Skin is more sensitive to synthetic chemical containing deodorants than crystal alum. Therefore, there are lesser chances of an allergic reaction. It also does not leave any white marks on the skin.

It has a long-lasting effect. The best thing about using crystal alum is that it is not harmful to the skin unlike the regular deodorants as it is completely a natural product.

Final Words

You probably may have thought that traditional methods of dealing with sweating are outdated. But in reality, we have been using natural ways to counter the bad smell of sweating from old times. With the advent of chemical medication, harmful chemical containing deodorants have been introduced into our lives as if they are just normal. But without any doubt, crystal alum is far better than the regular commercial deodorants. You should definitely try using crystal alum and see the results for yourself.

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