The Seed

Thank You Kind Stranger!

Since puberty I was forced to put on “Crystal alum” as deodorant, I say forced because as a tenager I wanted to fit in and wear the “manly” deodorant my peers wore.

It was the only available solution for me at the time not because it’s a healthier substitute, not because it was the environmentally conscious choice and not even because it was the most effective solution for body odor, but simply because it was the most affordable one.

10 years later I moved from Algeria to USA.

One time, while driving an Uber in New York City, this wise looking guy gets in my car and we start chatting, he tells me he has been an entrepreneur for over 30 years and that the decision he took to work for himself absolutely changed his life, then he asked me a question that technically brought me here, he asked: if you could create any business right now, what would it be? After a quick thought, I said I'd bring my culture's deodorant to the US, he said: why don't you do it? I started creating excuses, the rest of the ride talking about big corporations owning the market and whatnot, he just listened to me with a smile on his face, until we got to his destination, he got out of the car and right before closing the door he said: do it. And left.